About the Actor...


Eryn Murman was born in Lakewood, Ohio and has been told her career began at 9 months when she sang scales in her crib to put herself to sleep.  Eryn landed her first professional job when she was 8 with the Cleveland Opera's Cinderella.  She was the village girl who had two solo singing lines and the youngest to be rejected by the prince because the glass slipper was too big. She left the castle and a few years later was cast as the famous curly redhead, Annie.


Eryn is a musical theater performance graduate of Sheridan College in Toronto where she was able to study classical and contemporary acting, perform her own cabaret, write music, choreograph dance/ theater pieces and perform a variety of roles, including, Anita in West Side Story and Celia in As You Like It. Upon graduation, she was the recipient of its prestigious "Triple Threat Award".


Following graduation, Eryn moved to NYC and began auditioning.  Within a month, she landed the part of Anna in the Tony award winning musical Spring Awakening on Broadway. During her 18 month stay, she performed every female part in the show numerous times, including the lead, Wendla, and became Springs' Dance Captain.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Eryn staged her own New York production  "Caught in the Threshold"  at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on theater row.  The production was conceived, directed and choreographed by Eryn, with proceeds benefiting Invisible Children, Inc.  Later that year she returned to Spring Awakening at the San Jose Rep Theater. It was exciting and inspiring to play Wendla in a new interpretation, and work with director Rick Lombardo and choreographer Sonya Tayeh from So You Think You Can Dance. This San Jose Rep production received 11 nominations from the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle, including best actress in a leading role. She returned to San Jose Rep last Christmas to play Gerda in the World Premiere of "The Snow Queen" a new pop-rock musical.  It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of a new work from the beginning and help create and develop her character. The Snow Queen had its New York premiere this summer at The New York Music Theater Festival.

In this last couple years, Eryn has become a singer/songwriter and has performed throughout the city with her band 5j Barrow. Recently they were chosen as the "Number 1" band in Manhattan by winning the Battle of the Boroughs at The Greene Space sponsored by WNYC and then went on to win the Ultimate Battle of the Boroughs taking the title of the Best Band in NYC! 
When she is not busy performing, creating, choreographing or composing - Eryn enjoys spending time with her friends, taking photographs and traveling the world.


                                                                 "I am a work in progress.

                                                             Dressed in the fabric of a world unfolding.

                                                             Offering me intricate patterns of questions,

                                                             rhythms that never come clean,

                                                             and strengths that you still haven't seen"

                                                                                                      - Ani DiFranco